Tuesday, February 11, 2014

All For Warrior Cats

Hey Guys!

Hello! Currently I am a Medicine Cat in Warrior Cats! (For Vinestar the famous Kitnapper :U)

Fellow Med Cats, here are the list of Medicine!

Poppy seeds- used to numb pain and make a cat very sleepy
Catmint - For whitecough and Greencough. Also exceptionaly tasty to cats that are not sick
Cobwebs - used to stop bleeding
Feaverfew - used to cool feverish cats and treat head pain
Blackberry Leaves- Bee stings
Borage Leaves - used to treat fevers and helps nursing mothers with their milk supply
Marigold - used to treat infection and heal wounds and sores
Horse Tail - used to treat infected wounds
Burdock root - used to treat infections, especially rat bites
Chervil Root - used to treat infections
Wild Garlic - rolling in this can help to keep out infection
Coltsfoot- used to treat kittencough
Catnip(also called catmint) - used to treat whitecough and greencough; can help to relax a cat
Chickweed- used to help treat greencough
Tansy - used to treat coughs
Thyme - used to calm a cat
Camomile - used to calm a cat
Dandelion Leaves- used to calm a cat
Juniper Berries - used to treat bellyache
Chervile- used to treat bellyache
Watermint - used to treat bellyache
Daisy Leaves - used to treat aching joints
Goldenrod- used in a poultice to treat aching joints and stiffness; can also be used for severe injuries.
Ragwort Leaves- used alongside juniper berries in a poultice to treat aching joints
Comfrey - used to treat broken bones
Nettle (leaves) - used to treat swelling
Calandine - used to treat ailments of the eyes
Snake Root - used to counter poison
Nettle (seeds) - used to counter poison
Honey - used to treat sore throats
Mouse bile - used to remove ticks from a cat's coat
Yarrow - used to make a cat vomit and expel poisons from the body

Other Plants
Dock leaves - used to make a cat's coat slippery; also can be used as a surface for vomiting.
Deathberries (Yew) - of no medicinal value; bright scarlet berries that can kill a cat if they are not expelled quickly enough; use yarrow (called night-seeds by the Tribe)
Nightshade - of no medicinal value; is poisonous
Holly (berries) - of no medicinal value; poisonous like deathberries 


 My Warrior Cat information (Med, Warrior, Kit, Apprentice, and Leader)


Kit: Palekit, Trollkit, and Blackkit

Apprentice: Palepaw and Trollpaw

Warrior: Trollwhisker

Leader: Trollstar and Palestar

Med: Palegaze



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