Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Den of the week/ Month!!!

Den of the MONTH! January!

 What den: Treehouse
Entrance: 2 Archways and 3 fire pits :O
Near entrance: Outside room 
First floor: Living room (2 fireworks, mailbox 2 black crystals, Couches, 2014 banner and a fireplace.)
Second floor:  Princess throne surrounded by flower hearts o3o, An Old TV, Rainbowz XD, Cami's frog, A scary gate, Bamboo, Scary eyes, and A hot cocoa machine.
Last floor (Attic): All epic plushies :O and a rare cloud :3

CONGRATS breazia! :D

(No copying her/his den :O Winner may get prize at the last week of the month I will announce the winner of the month!)
~That's all jammers *Fieryspirit*~  

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