Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Great Moments of AJ History!

The Great Moments of AJ History!


 Here's some pictures I'm too lazy to TYPE the moments...
(Invisible people and exploding tigers too O0O)

 Just FOOLING around.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Den of the week/ Month!!!

Den of the MONTH! January!

 What den: Treehouse
Entrance: 2 Archways and 3 fire pits :O
Near entrance: Outside room 
First floor: Living room (2 fireworks, mailbox 2 black crystals, Couches, 2014 banner and a fireplace.)
Second floor:  Princess throne surrounded by flower hearts o3o, An Old TV, Rainbowz XD, Cami's frog, A scary gate, Bamboo, Scary eyes, and A hot cocoa machine.
Last floor (Attic): All epic plushies :O and a rare cloud :3

CONGRATS breazia! :D

(No copying her/his den :O Winner may get prize at the last week of the month I will announce the winner of the month!)
~That's all jammers *Fieryspirit*~