Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jammer of the week/month!!!

Jammer of the MONTH!!!

Member or non-member?: Member
Do you know her/him?:Yes
Boy or Girl?:Girl
Friend or family?:Friend
Fun or serious?: Both...Kinda :| (No offence megansb2323)
Scammer, Hacker, bully, jammer, or Warrior Cat?: Warrior Cat, Jammer
Naughty or nice?:Nice o3o

Congrats! To enter being a Jammer of the week(or month)... Send me a Jam-a-gram, and let me know you well (If you do not qualify or anyone  else I will choose...Madjasterrf or Madjasterrk! And Madjasterk, Madjasterstar, and Madjasterxyz.)


Picture of her:

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