Monday, December 16, 2013

Glitches, Comics, and Fun stuff!

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Fun stuff

                                           Alphas^^^ And my background!*Caption

Hey Jammers! Here is my Background of Lucky  Jammers with Alphas!

My background may look backwards o3o But, it was my only choice.













Hey Jammers, This is a new land named Glitchlandia!x3 
Here are some awesome, eye-blinding glitches!

Slide glitch
1: Go to Mt. Shiver or The Forest.
2:Go to the slide
3: Go down the slide and switch animals as fast as you can!
4: Enjoy your new way of sitting!

Stand on Doors Glitch
1: Go to a door ( for more to see, do it in a door in a popular place like the Jamma Clothing shop! For practice I would go to the Pet shop in Appondale.
2: switch animals.
3: click door while you are changing.
That's the ones I do everyday ^_^ I discovered the Slide Glitch, too! O.O

Slide Glitch #2
1: Go to The Forest
2: Switch animals and click the side of the beginning of the slide. 
3: Sit on the side of the slide

More glitches!
The Talking Fountain!
In Jamma Township go to the Fountain near Club Geoz, The Diamond Shop, Sol Arcade, and The Pillow Room. Then click the left. Then right, but stay in the center! Repeat. Then you will BE THE FOUNTAIN!
Put on a Tall Top Hat in Club Geoz and stand near the speakers. The speakers go through your hat kind of!!! Thats all today! ~Fieryspirit~ 

               Invisible people?



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