Saturday, December 7, 2013

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 :O I started Blogging again! 
I have returned :) Also, I got a EAGLE! I went to Gamestop and got a 10 diamond card today!
Here is a new ~*Fieryspirit*~ Its <*Fieryspirit*> Like it? I might put a poll for it! See ya :) 
Aww...Most Glitches are fixed :(
Whoa! All the sudden one day, I tried the Four Gem Glitch, and It did not work! (Someone told me it did not work) Also many others! I am stopping the 'Glitch of the week' and 'Glitch of the Month'. Thats all so keep on Jamming! ~*Fieryspirit*~

Is...AJ getting to popular? .-.

Reply to this question in the posts. Here's a hint o-o 


Don't know WHAT AJ is and HOW it started? 

Well... Go find out! The video when you log in tells you EVERYTHING! . whispers to random person . Not that much...  so go to 
So GO and play! Jam On!          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CLICK IT NOW!!! =T

That's it jammers! ~Fieryspirit~ ^^^
( I will upload my look! ) 

SUNDAY NIGHT POST! (Celebrating my new blog)

Jammaliday...more like Fail-alidays 

Umm... Yeah...Cool presents? Lately, I have been thinking, " No, AJ don't fail the present ideas now," " The others were great! " Today we got Jammaliday Holiday bells... about the size of my wolf's face o-o Also, The new Decorative Bow. Question: Will this be a REALLY boring Jammaiday gift on Christmas???
Then there are the...boring...not holiday like...GEMS and a diamond. That stinks =I 

  AJ Jump new, popular game! 

So. AJ lovers + Kangaroos + Looks easy but hard game = AJ Jump..... I love that game! My high score is 13,193! That's high for most people!!! But, The best score in the entire game is... - Drumroll - IamColter with a grand-prize winning 135,367! Gosh... I thought mine was good! But Congrats IamColter! You're probably famous! =U Good Luck on AJ!
Well... Bye Saturday Posts! See you in Jamma Jammers! ~Fieryspirit~ 

 Bye Jammalidays! :(

 Well, They left again... Here are some manyy memories...

Such as the rares! 

Rare Item Monday:

Rare Jammaliday Top Hat ~ I LOVED THAT THING O.O
Rare Jammaliday Wings~ Great with top hats ( On Snow Leopards, Rabbits, and Arctic wolves)
Rare Hood With Feather~ Great with that Jammaliday Bow ^.^

...and Dens

Cosmo's Den~ Brand new and only 5 diamonds!!!
Mushroom Hut~ Back again,For a limited time, For Nature lovers... *Drumroll* THE MUSHROOM HUT! *Says super fast* This mushroom hut can only be ordered by being 10 or up sold seprately order now for 8,000 gems!

and memories :D

Memories~ Just good memories... :D

Sorry jammers but that's all :( See Ya! ~Fieryspirit~ 

Happy New Years! *2014*
It's only 3 days away! Just wait for The New Years Party! So be aware and look at the party list everyday!!!
So Happy Holidays! *That's it! ~Fieryspirit~



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