Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jammer of the week/month!!!

Jammer of the MONTH!!!

Member or non-member?: Member
Do you know her/him?:Yes
Boy or Girl?:Girl
Friend or family?:Friend
Fun or serious?: Both...Kinda :| (No offence megansb2323)
Scammer, Hacker, bully, jammer, or Warrior Cat?: Warrior Cat, Jammer
Naughty or nice?:Nice o3o

Congrats! To enter being a Jammer of the week(or month)... Send me a Jam-a-gram, and let me know you well (If you do not qualify or anyone  else I will choose...Madjasterrf or Madjasterrk! And Madjasterk, Madjasterstar, and Madjasterxyz.)


Picture of her:

Monday, December 16, 2013

Glitches, Comics, and Fun stuff!

Comics Page/ Fun Stuff/ Glitches!








Fun stuff

                                           Alphas^^^ And my background!*Caption

Hey Jammers! Here is my Background of Lucky  Jammers with Alphas!

My background may look backwards o3o But, it was my only choice.













Hey Jammers, This is a new land named Glitchlandia!x3 
Here are some awesome, eye-blinding glitches!

Slide glitch
1: Go to Mt. Shiver or The Forest.
2:Go to the slide
3: Go down the slide and switch animals as fast as you can!
4: Enjoy your new way of sitting!

Stand on Doors Glitch
1: Go to a door ( for more to see, do it in a door in a popular place like the Jamma Clothing shop! For practice I would go to the Pet shop in Appondale.
2: switch animals.
3: click door while you are changing.
That's the ones I do everyday ^_^ I discovered the Slide Glitch, too! O.O

Slide Glitch #2
1: Go to The Forest
2: Switch animals and click the side of the beginning of the slide. 
3: Sit on the side of the slide

More glitches!
The Talking Fountain!
In Jamma Township go to the Fountain near Club Geoz, The Diamond Shop, Sol Arcade, and The Pillow Room. Then click the left. Then right, but stay in the center! Repeat. Then you will BE THE FOUNTAIN!
Put on a Tall Top Hat in Club Geoz and stand near the speakers. The speakers go through your hat kind of!!! Thats all today! ~Fieryspirit~ 

               Invisible people?



Saturday, December 7, 2013

Animal Jam Mythical Mysteries blog homepage

Animal Jam Mythical Mysteries Blog!

Blog of Mysteries and more!

 :O I started Blogging again! 
I have returned :) Also, I got a EAGLE! I went to Gamestop and got a 10 diamond card today!
Here is a new ~*Fieryspirit*~ Its <*Fieryspirit*> Like it? I might put a poll for it! See ya :) 
Aww...Most Glitches are fixed :(
Whoa! All the sudden one day, I tried the Four Gem Glitch, and It did not work! (Someone told me it did not work) Also many others! I am stopping the 'Glitch of the week' and 'Glitch of the Month'. Thats all so keep on Jamming! ~*Fieryspirit*~

Is...AJ getting to popular? .-.

Reply to this question in the posts. Here's a hint o-o 


Don't know WHAT AJ is and HOW it started? 

Well... Go find out! The video when you log in tells you EVERYTHING! . whispers to random person . Not that much...  so go to 
So GO and play! Jam On!          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CLICK IT NOW!!! =T

That's it jammers! ~Fieryspirit~ ^^^
( I will upload my look! ) 

SUNDAY NIGHT POST! (Celebrating my new blog)

Jammaliday...more like Fail-alidays 

Umm... Yeah...Cool presents? Lately, I have been thinking, " No, AJ don't fail the present ideas now," " The others were great! " Today we got Jammaliday Holiday bells... about the size of my wolf's face o-o Also, The new Decorative Bow. Question: Will this be a REALLY boring Jammaiday gift on Christmas???
Then there are the...boring...not holiday like...GEMS and a diamond. That stinks =I 

  AJ Jump new, popular game! 

So. AJ lovers + Kangaroos + Looks easy but hard game = AJ Jump..... I love that game! My high score is 13,193! That's high for most people!!! But, The best score in the entire game is... - Drumroll - IamColter with a grand-prize winning 135,367! Gosh... I thought mine was good! But Congrats IamColter! You're probably famous! =U Good Luck on AJ!
Well... Bye Saturday Posts! See you in Jamma Jammers! ~Fieryspirit~ 

 Bye Jammalidays! :(

 Well, They left again... Here are some manyy memories...

Such as the rares! 

Rare Item Monday:

Rare Jammaliday Top Hat ~ I LOVED THAT THING O.O
Rare Jammaliday Wings~ Great with top hats ( On Snow Leopards, Rabbits, and Arctic wolves)
Rare Hood With Feather~ Great with that Jammaliday Bow ^.^

...and Dens

Cosmo's Den~ Brand new and only 5 diamonds!!!
Mushroom Hut~ Back again,For a limited time, For Nature lovers... *Drumroll* THE MUSHROOM HUT! *Says super fast* This mushroom hut can only be ordered by being 10 or up sold seprately order now for 8,000 gems!

and memories :D

Memories~ Just good memories... :D

Sorry jammers but that's all :( See Ya! ~Fieryspirit~ 

Happy New Years! *2014*
It's only 3 days away! Just wait for The New Years Party! So be aware and look at the party list everyday!!!
So Happy Holidays! *That's it! ~Fieryspirit~